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Agri 16

Red Diesel Premium

Red Diesel Premium

Price From £56.92 + VAT

Treatment Rates
1L treats 2,000L
5L treats 10,000L
25L treats 50,000L

Overdosing will not harm your engine

Red Diesel Premium - Complete Description

AGRI 16 Premium is a multifunctional fuel treatment for all types of diesel, and all types of diesel engine. AGRI 16 Premium is manufactured by AGRI 16 in the UK, using a blend of additives to give complete protection from the undesirable effects of modern bio diesel, and ultra low sulphur diesel. 

To counter effects of Biodiesel AGRI 16 Premium includes latest technology stability and dispersant additive approved by Germanys Association of Quality Management Biodiesel (AGQM)

AGRI 16 Premium incorporates a cetane improver to increase cetane number for easier starting and improved BHP to satisfy the specifications required by the Original Equipment Manufacturers.  

AGRI 16 Premium prevents degradation of stored fuel and includes a biocide to prevent the growth of diesel bug. It also includes a demulsifier which helps drop any water already in your tank to form “free” water on the bottom, where it can be easily drained off. 

Additionally it includes a lubricant that can be lacking from the modern manufacturing processes of producing Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel. This “lubricity” is required in all engines and essential in highly rated modern common rail diesel engines. 

AGRI 16 Premium contains a detergent and dispersant for cleaner, easier starting, which in turn reduces fuel system and injector deposits to zero. This helps reduce emissions and improves fuel consumption. The dispersant assists in keeping contaminants in suspension.  

We can offer solutions for cleaning your diesel and diesel tanks with our Diesel Dipper and Diesel Duck. Please contact us for more information.

If you would like a Data Sheet please contact us
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About Agri 16

Agri16 products were developed exclusively for Agricultural Vehicles.  We make it easy for you to maintain your kit, inside and out.

Widely respected for our fuel treatments, we can eradicate diesel bug, remove harmful injector deposits and maintain the fuel system.  

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