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Diesel Duck - Cleaning fuel on the move

The best diesel dewatering and fuel polishing system is now available in a portable carry-on case. Specifically aimed at businesses who have customers that require diesel tanks to be cleaned of sludge and any water. The Diesel Duck has a 12v battery and is very simple to operate. It can be hired to plant owners who can clean their own tanks for a fraction of the cost of a “man with a van” and their “polishing” kit. The Diesel Duck is ideal for fuel transfer or to remove water from diesel thus avoiding diesel bug.

"A customer's boat picked up some contaminated diesel in the Channel Islands and the system needed a thorough clean. We rented Diesel Duck and it did exactly what we needed it to. Transportable and easy to use, it is an excellent piece of kit. I highly recommend it."

Jonathan Fielding - MD of Falmouth Boat Co
Stage 1

The heart of the Diesel Duck is our patented Tank Separator Unit, which is rapidly
establishing itself as the best de-watering system available. Agri 16 have taken this technology and made it fully automatic and portable.

Fuel is taken from the bottom of the tank and returned to the top, any free water present is automatically discharged into a container.

Stage 2

Having de-watered the fuel, stage 2 cleans and polishes the fuel to 2 microns if required. An absorption filter can be fitted if necessary to remove emulsified water and revitalize old fuel....

Complete with suction strainer and optional flow meter.  

Polishes up to 15 liters per minute.  Available in 12 volts and can clean over 1000 litres before requiring external power supply.

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* Fully Portable   * light weight case * Removes free & emulsified water
* Removes contaminants to 2 microns   * 12 volt   * 15 liters per minute pump   * Up to 1 hours continuous battery operation
* Simple to use with quick release couplings   * UK Manufactured   * Additional revenue stream
* Can be used on-board without an external power supply

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Diesel Duck is Available as a Service or to Rent

The following companies have a Diesel Duck® and can either offer a service or have a Diesel Duck® available to rent.Please contact them directly

TrueFlow – Ireland
Contact: David Pettigrew
Ph: 00353 161991454

Flow Marine – Australia
Contact:  Greg Hitchenson
Ph:  0061 430568273

Contact:  Mandy Stone
Ph:  01666 818791

Tor Batservice AS – Norway
Contact:  Rune Kristoffersen
Ph:  0047 97790932

JC Distributor – Puerto Rico
Contact:  Jose C. Ortiz Goveo
Ph: (787) 922-3811

Preston Marine
Contact:  Steve Miller
Ph:  01772 733595

Independent Marine Projects – Ireland
Contact:  Derek Potter
Ph:  00353 874047158

Sea Gear – Maldives
Contact:  Abdulla Hussen
Ph:  (960) 3302737

Marine Technical Assistance – Sardinia
Contact:  Mark De Vries
Ph:  0039 78968789

Yorkshire Diesel Power
Contact:  Anthony Seal
Ph:  01977 690440

Celtic Marine Lda – Portugal
Contact:  Mark Hampton
Ph:  00351 918606814

About Agri 16

Agri16 products were developed exclusively for Agricultural Vehicles.  We make it easy for you to maintain your kit, inside and out.

Widely respected for our fuel treatments, we can eradicate diesel bug, remove harmful injector deposits and maintain the fuel system.  

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