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Diesel bug Killer

Diesel Bug Killer

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Diesel Bug Killer Full Description

Diesel Bug Killer is a broad spectrum biocide formulated to prevent or eradicate the microbial contamination of fuel from Yeast, Mould and Bacteria commonly known as Diesel Bug. Suitable for use in all types of diesel, including kerosene, all types of diesel engine, as well as all types of storage tanks. 

Diesel Bug Killer is manufactured by AGRI 16 in the UK, using a specially formulated blend of additives to stop fuel filters from clogging and give protection against the undesirable effects of modern bio diesel and ultralow sulphur diesel. 

Diesel Bug Killer disperses into both the water and fuel phases in your tank and will remain sufficiently active for over a year at both high and low temperatures. 

We can offer solutions for cleaning your diesel and diesel tanks with our Diesel Dipper and Diesel Duck. Please contact us for more information. 

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