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One of the first words said during an interview with Peter Weide; engineer and co-owner of Agri 16. It was obvious from the first minute of our conversation that Peter has an unwavering passion for what he does, how he goes about his business and the people he serves.

‘We want to help solve problems’.

One of the first words said during an interview with Peter Weide; engineer and co-owner of Agri 16. It was obvious from the first minute of our conversation that Peter has an unwavering passion for what he does, how he goes about his business and the people he serves. This is one of the reasons why he and his business partner Steve are paving the way forward in fuel additive solutions and production.

Let’s rewind a bit. 11 years ago, Peter came ashore to start his new business, MarShip; a company “dedicated to ensuring the vital elements of your engine, air, fuel and oil, are maintained at optimal efficiency, so you always get the best performance from your engine”, in the Marine sector. A few successful years down the line, Peter and Steve bought the company Marine 16 and added a branch to an already thriving tree.

With the success of Marine 16 in providing more efficiently running diesel engines, the pair started to look outward. They wanted to do more, and help more people who had succumbed to the problems that come with the use of Ultra-low sulphur and Bio diesel.

And then, a somewhat obvious answer came to mind: Agriculture.

With agriculture being a far more ‘year-round’ sector (as opposed to the seasonal marine sector), as well as there being an existing problem with fuel filters in farming, to the point where farmers were having to change filters in the middle of a field, Agri 16 was born.

You are probably wondering why there seems to be such a dire need for high dispensary fuel additives in diesel tanks? Well, to put it simply: because there is a need for a cleaner and more eco-conscious Earth, legislation was put in place for the use of Ultra-Low Sulphur Diesel, as well as Biodiesel in all major sectors. Agriculture being one of them.

Sounds good right? Making the planet more sustainable? Problem being, these new diesel variants cause huge problems with clogging fuel filters, waxing, poor starting and overall decline in performance. You can’t have a farmer pulling up in the middle of a harvest to check the fuel filter. Those are precious minutes and hours wasted.

This is where Agri 16 comes into its own.

Between Peter’s expertise as an engineer, and Steve’s blending plant knowledge and all that comes with years of experience in the field, there is no better duo suited to creating a product that can alleviate any problems you may have.

And why ‘16’? I asked the same question. In the Marine sector, when in an emergency situation, your emergency radio call is on channel 16. 16 is where all the help is. Where the solutions are. It is quite literally Your First Call when there is a problem.

16 then, is a perfect fit for the products created and developed by Peter and Steve.

Your First Call.

The next burning question would no doubt be: ‘What makes Agri 16 stand out compared to its competitors in the market?’ (a classic). A simple question deserves a simple answer - and that is what I got. What makes Agri 16 market leaders in the world of Diesel fuel additive engineering is as simple as this: they are experts in their field. The majority of competitors are distributors; sellers of someone else’s developed product, and will do and say what they must in order to make sales. This unfortunately comes with misinformation, and worse still, a lack of knowledge in the science of diesel engineering. Marketing and sales experts? Sure. Qualified engineering experts in the field? Not so sure.

Agri 16 are not distributors. They have spent years doing the research, developing tried and tested solutions and are constantly looking ahead to the future and looking to improve, with the advancements in technology, in order to help with the growing problems in diesel.

Need proof? Well if you do, it is as easy as heading to the MarShip website and reading the countless articles and editorials written by Peter on a weekly basis. If those beautifully written and detailed pieces don’t give you a better idea as to why I call them experts, then I don’t know what will.

‘Innovative, adaptable, local’. These are the three words Peter used to describe Agri 16. I have already touched on the first two, so I want to look at the third; local.

Agri 16 is based in mid-Wales and is committed to ensuring that British agriculture maintains its high standards. There is a clear sense of pride in that Peter and Steve want to be Best of British. I mean, the Union Jack in the logo proves that unequivocally. During these difficult times, it is so important to support those who are doing it locally, and Agri 16 is doing its utmost to support all farmers in alleviating a problem that did not exist in the past.

Agriculture is the backbone of the British economy. So when your back hurts? Who do you call?

Agri16: Your First Call.

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