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The Diesel DippeR

The Bilge Pump For Fuel Tanks - Cleans the FLOOR of your tank BELOW the Fuel Suction

The Diesel Dipper® sucks from the VERY BOTTOM of the tank. It will remove Diesel Bug, sludge, water and contaminants that
are sloshing about on the very bottom, below the fuel suction. Sucked up with a 12v pump into the Dipper they are then removed by simply draining off. The clean fuel is returned back to the tank through a fine washable stainless steel filter.

The Dipper is a "By Pass system", independent of the engine it transfers the contents from the bottom of your large diesel tank into a small tank where they are removed. The "Tank Separator" forms the heart of the system. Entering the top, water and sludge collects in a chamber and is easily drained off.

The Diesel Dipper is connected to the drain plug. If a drain plug is not fitted we can supply a "Dip Tube". This simple fitting, attached to the top of the tank, allows a 10 mm draw pipe to be pushed through to rest on the bottom. The Diesel Dipper is then connected to the top of this pipe.

"I already have a water separator"?
Often there is a water separator/filter in the fuel line to the engine. The primary objective of these however is the filter, water separation is carried out in a small bowl so is not as efficient. More importantly however is that these are positioned in the engine fuel suction line which is normally up to 20 mm above the bottom of the tank. So if you have water in the bowl or sludge in the filters then imagine there is a lot more water/sludge below the fuel suction

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Why do you need to remove water? Water is by far the single greatest and most harmful contaminant in a fuel tank and leads to 90% of diesel problems.

Used with our Fuel Treatment we guarantee to end diesel sludge related problems. A bold Statement indeed, but remove the water and you remove 90% of diesel problems. DieselAid will help prevent other sludge issues and will protect the engine.

Easily installed with basic DIY skills and fitting instruction are included to leave your tank clean dry and sludge free

Made in the UK

For tanks with excessive sludge, we recommend a pre-strainer to prevent the system being overloaded on first use.

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Agri16 products were developed exclusively for Agricultural Vehicles.  We make it easy for you to maintain your kit, inside and out.

Widely respected for our fuel treatments, we can eradicate diesel bug, remove harmful injector deposits and maintain the fuel system.  

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